“What a summer with @nepridebaseball. One of the best summers of my life, with the best coaches and teammates I could ever imagine having.” That is a quote from my son’s Instagram page and a powerful message.  From the first time we met his coaches, teammates and families we knew we were a part of something very special. The coaches very effectively communicated with both the boys and parents. They were more than happy to help guide everyone in the recruiting process. They worked tirelessly  for the boys both with recruiting and challenging them to continuously improve. The team participated in many high exposure events, playing against great competition. The NE Pride organization made it really affordable and even added events at no extra cost to the families. They do it differently, and it works. Our only regret is Jake’s time traveling and playing for them was all too short. When I told his coach this he replied they’re friends for life. Incredible organization that truly is a baseball family.

Mary Kay Lenahan


My name is Derek Cease, and I am a 2021 graduate of Northeast Pride Travel Organization and current player at Penn State University.  

I would say that Northeast Pride provided me with the coaching and exposure to be seen and recruited by Division I teams.  During my time at Pride, I was exposed to top notch coaches who not only pushed me but fostered an environment that allowed me to make mistakes, learn from those mistakes, and laid the groundwork for the player I am today.  I have so many fond memories of playing in some of the best baseball venues in the United States and developed so many friendships with my teammates.  These memories and friendships will last a lifetime.  If you are looking to play for a top-notch travel organization that will push you and challenge you to become the best player then Northeast Pride is for you.

I would also like to mention another organization that helped me tremendously with training and recovery, this being Apex Sports Performance Mountaintop, PA.  This training facility fostered and laid the groundwork for a work ethic that I still carry today.  The trainers are top notch and will educate you on proper lifting techniques, strategies to get stronger as well as strategies for recovery. These techniques and strategies are necessary so you can be in the best condition, so you perform at your peak whether it’s time to swing the bat, field a baseball, run the bases, or throw a pitch.  The trainers take the time to learn your strengths and weaknesses and take a vested interest in your performance.  You may catch me at the facility during winter break or in the off season so I can maintain and improve my conditioning.

In closing if you are looking for two first class organizations that will push you to be the best version of yourself then Northeast Pride and Apex Sports Performance are for you!!!  

Join the Pride and ROAR like a LION!!! 


Derek Cease


Before I joined the Northeast Pride, I played with my local school travel team. I had no idea how big and amazing the world of baseball could become. I was always a good player, maybe even unrecognized with my old team. From the first inning I joined Northeast Pride, I felt at home. No matter the outcome, I knew that every challenge we faced was faced as a family. I learned so much about the game of baseball, from how to manage a game, to how to best be recruited for college. I owe everything I have accomplished in baseball to the lessons I learned on the road with Northeast Pride. They had my back at every turn and got me to the college I play at today. When I was diagnosed in 2022 with cancer, Northeast Pride was there to make sure I had a way to get my training in. They made sure I could get into their facility and meet with their trainers, despite having been graduated for years. I still work with Northeast Pride to this day preparing for my first season back. I greatly appreciate all of the work Northeast Pride does for their players. I’ll never forget my first real baseball family. I will never forget the memories I have made with Northeast Pride. 

Joe Barcia
Class of 2019


My name is Joe Szabo and my son Fletcher played with the Northeast Pride this past Fall and I just wanted to share with you my son’s journey to the Tweet shown below because I understand that you are considering other travel clubs. I can assure you that my son wouldn’t have ended up landing in a D1 school had it not been for our Northeast experience. I have nothing to gain by sending you this emaiL. I just know from my experience that the NE Pride organization does right by college bound players and I’d like to see the tradition continue so that other parents like myself can come to a successful conclusion of their journey to college.

After all… at this point in your son’s baseball career you should be thinking about where he will be at the next level right? It’s a strange change that occurs at this time. There are teams that are much more focused on competition and less about player placement. This was our experience prior to the Pride.

My son Fletch has always been an athletic and talented baseball player. We ran the gambit from “Daddy-Ball” through local travel to what I call corporate baseball (F***** R****) to what we thought was our IN with colleges, a prestigious team known as the Bayside Yankees which we played this past summer. This final experience was quite a commitment financially and time-wise and ended up being a complete flop… the coaches did not focus on player placement but rather on overall team performance.

Prior to this Fall season we had friends who were with the club who continuously tried to encourage us to join. We thought like you are probably thinking that the NE Pride club isn’t very well known and nothing would come of participation. MAN were we wrong!

As soon as the disastrous Summer season with the Bayside Yankees came to an end I reached out to Joe Curreri and got my son Fletch engaged in the team Joe got him tied in with the NE Pride social media and got the ball rolling to get him the exposure that was the right fit for him.

The approach on the Showcase Team is just that… a SHOWCASE for talents. Joe’s connections in the recruiting world got us the right exposure that we needed and Coach Steve Alhona’s experience with College Admissions was priceless through the negotiations. There was none of this with the other clubs that we participated in and I can honestly say that this was the best decision that we’ve made with Fletcher’s baseball career.

One word of warning… the grass is always greener on the other side. 

Joe Szabo


My son has been playing travel baseball since 2010 with a number of different teams performing at different levels. We have experienced the good (kids having fun playing the game they love), the bad  (dad coaches using the organization to promote their marginal kid) and everything in between.

Most organizations are simply focused on tournament ball, it’s fun, its expensive, and you can go home with a trophy.

We joined The Northeast Pride baseball organization after meeting Joe Curreri and learning how & why the organization functions. NE Pride baseball focuses on preparing and guiding the player and parents though the process of playing at the next level. There is a healthy mixture of practice instruction, tournament play, and college combines, which is really the place that gets the kids in front of recruiters and decision makers at the college level.

NE Pride and Joe Curreri has the connections and relationships with the universities and colleges to get your player looked at.

We have been very fortunate. My son has committed to his first pick D1 University after having been introduced through Joe and NE Pride baseball. We feel so strongly about our relationship and the benefits that it has fostered that we continue to play and participate even after commitment.

In all of my experience as a baseball dad, and it has been significant, my relationship with Joe and NE Pride Baseball will always be a highlight in our journey.

I would strongly recommend participation.

Jeffrey Baker


Without the Pride, our two oldest children would not be playing College Ball right now. Back in the summer of 2012 and living in Sullivan County, NY, there was no way for Andrew and Caleb to be noticed and recruited to play baseball in college. My boys attended a medium/small size school that nobody would make a trip to see. That’s when Joe expanded the Northeast Pride to include Andrew & Caleb’s age group; our boys made the team and started playing for him that fall.

We have been a Pride family ever since playing hundreds of games throughout the Northeast region. Andrew was recruited to play in college when a coach came to see him play while at Diamond Nation in Flemington, NJ the summer before his Junior Year in High School. Caleb was recruited while at a Showcase/Tournament in Utica, NY during the summer before his Senior Year. Because of the Pride, both reached their dream of playing college baseball.

Another great thing to mention is all of the friendships Andrew and Caleb have made with their Pride teammates over the years and that we have made with the families as well. The Northeast Pride is definitely a big family.

Through his first two seasons at Cairn University, Andrew has started 65 of 68 games in the outfield. Caleb set a Houghton College record with 21 relief appearances over 34 games after making 11 pitching appearances his Freshman year. All this could not have happened without Joe and the Northeast Pride.

Dave Philips
Father of Andrew and Caleb Philips