Program Summary
Founded in 2011 by owner & creator Joe Curreri the Northeast Pride Baseball program has elevated from a local/regional program to a highly regarded national program by college & MLB recruiters/scouts. Northeast Pride Baseball produces team’s ranging from youth travel, 9u-13u, to college prep at 14u, and our highly scouted 16-18u Nike Select & Nike Scout College Exposure teams. Northeast Pride Baseball is a sponsor member of Nike Team Baseball which is our official uniform & gear supplier. Northeast Pride Baseball provides a true travel baseball experience from the beginning, we do NOT play league but a strictly high level tournament experience. Northeast Pride Baseball spans over 3 states currently with our home base in Hawley, PA to our affiliates ranging from as far north as Albany, NY, to Westchester, NY, Northern NJ and south to Wilkes Barre, PA.
Program Resources
Since our inception, Northeast Pride Baseball has helped over 75 athletes reach their dream of playing college baseball! Including all divisions, Division 1, 2, 3, JUCO, & NAIA. Northeast Pride Baseball is recognized as one of the premier travel teams on the east coast and is well known by college & pro scouts alike. We use our vast database of contacts to keep our recruiting “inhouse”. There is no need to purchase extra recruiting services at our reach is extensive. Northeast Pride Baseball will offer unlimited email, text, and phone access to college recruiters & pro scouts throughout the year at an unlimited basis. Our main goal and focus is to get our players recruited!


Our purpose is to develop our players, not just skill-wise for baseball purposes but to mold them into better human beings by teaching core values. To provide an elite baseball experience with premier, professional and high level coaching. To showcase our players both regionally and nationally to college & pro scouts to gain scholarships. Never to sacrifice exposure for the sake of a win.

• Compete: To compete at all times by playing hard regardless of circumstances.

• Character: To win with honor and lose with dignity along with showing the ultimate respect for the game of baseball.

• Success: Not measured in wins or loses but measured in player growth on and off the field and the ultimate goal of achieving scholarships for players who put in the work.

• Development: To help players achieve their full potential.

Affiliates & Partners

Northeast Pride Baseball. Train, practice, & develop. More affiliates to be added in 2019!

Albany, NY Area

Sauce Baseball

Sauce Baseball was founded by owners Dan and Megan Sausville to bring something to the capital district that has not been available in a very long time, if ever. At our facility, your son or daughter can utilize our spacious cages and true fieldturf 7 days a week for a small membership fee. As opposed to most facilities where you train once or twice a week, our place is one where your child can come develop their skills multiple times a week in a structured environment with instructors and coaches that care about each individual. It is our goal that each of our clients gets the most out of their “one shot” at amateur baseball from a training perspective, so that there is no shoulda, coulda, woulda’s after their high school career is over. We hope to develop all of our players to play at the college level and beyond, and by giving them the tools to succeed day in and day out, with the contacts that we have here, should lead to a large percentage of our players fulfilling our dream!

Player Benefit Overview

• Players are part of the Nike Team. Nike is the biggest and most recognized brand in all of sports!
• Players are placed on highly competitive teams that rosters are maxed out at 12 players in tournaments so all players get a chance to develop.
• Top notch tournaments that start in April. Teams will travel within the NY, PA, NJ, MD areas playing in top notch facilities. Ex: Diamond Nation, Ripken Experience, MSI, Baseball Heaven, Sports at the Beach, ECTB & many more.
• Seasons Run April-June for Spring and August-October for Fall
• Winter Team and Individual training options in both PA & NY.

• Players are part of the Nike Team. Nike is the biggest and most recognized brand in all of sports!
• Players are placed on highly competitive teams. We do not run A & B teams.
• Top notch tournaments that start in late May. Teams will travel within the NY, PA, NJ, MD areas playing in top notch facilities. Ex: Diamond Nation, Perfect Game, PBR Rising Stars, Ripken Experience, MSI, Baseball Heaven, ECTB & many more.
• Players start the introduction to college exposure. Players will partake in all program Scout Days, PBR recruiting events including invite only events, along with our College Coaches Camps both throughout the winter, summer & fall.
• Players will have the opportunity to attend Perfect Game WWBA & other National events we attend.
• Access to national training and combine series backed by MLB with the Program 15 Future Stars Series sponsored by New Balance.

• Players are part of the Nike Team. Nike is the biggest and most recognized brand in all of sports!
• Highly regarded college exposure teams with both our Nike Select & Nike Scout teams for 16, 17 & 18u.
• Play in front of College & Professional scouts on a weekly basis.
• Top tier regional & national events. The events we take our teams to are invite only therefore are the most heavily recruit events in the country.
• Player marketing via our heavily followed social media outlets: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, & Twitter. Also each player has an online profile on Fieldlevel that has national reach to all recruiters.
• PBR Scout Days in both the winter & summer. Every player gets an updated player profile that goes out nationally to all coaches will all measurable numbers along with updated video. Our summer scout day will also feature multiple college scouts (23 schools in 2017) and each player receives their skills video link to send out to college recruiters.
• The opportunity to attend national events at Perfect Game WWBA, Underclass World, Freshman Games events in both Georgia & Florida.
• Each player will be outfitted with the tools and information necessary to pick & find a school that is correct for their level of play. We set each player up for success and obtaining the ultimate goal of reaching the next level.
• Access to national training and combine series backed by MLB with the Program 15 Future Stars Series sponsored by New Balance.

Collegiate League
• Players are part of the Nike Team. Nike is the biggest and most recognized brand in all of sports!
• Players participate within the Hudson Valley Collegiate League based in New York.

Tournaments and Showcases

Northeast Pride teams play top competition at top tournament venues on the East Coast. Here are some of the venues Northeast Pride teams have played.
• Diamond Nation (Flemington, NJ)
• The Ripken Experience (Aberdeen, MD & Myrtle Beach, SC)
• Sports at the Beach (Georgetown, DE)
• The Rock Sports Park (Chester, NY Frozen Ropes)
• VSC (Ruther Glen, VA)
• NYEB (Newburgh, NY)
• Baseball Heaven (Yaphank, NY)
• Triple Crown Sports (NY, PA, NJ, CT)
• Dynamic Showcase Tournaments
• Millersville Showcase Tournaments
• Blue Chip Prospects
• Elite Baseball of Lancaster
• Battle at the Border (Showcase)
• Bloomsburg University
• Rhode Island University
• College of St. Rose
• Perfect Game 
• Future Stars Tournaments
• Grandslam America
• Berkshire Baseball
• Pastime Tournaments
• Cooperstown Dreams Park (Future)

Northeast Pride also runs our own tournaments locally in both PA and in NY. We have already run our own 18u tournament this last October at SCCC and will do so again this October. This spring we will expand and run 13u, 12u, 10u, and 9u tournaments.

Our partnership with Pro Prospects also will bring us a new avenue of exciting Showcase Tournaments locally starting this summer at SCCC. Our players will be able to Showcase their talents away at Top Showcase venues and tournaments, and then also at “home” in-front of all of our local area college coaches and scouts.

Code of Conduct

• All players are committed to Northeast Pride Travel Baseball for the duration of the teams season. You are not permitted to be on another travel team roster unless approved by Northeast Pride Travel Baseball’s general manager.

• All Northeast Pride Travel Baseball players and parents will refrain from unsportsmanlike conduct

• All players and parents will show respect to all coaches, umpires and opposing coaches

• No player shall throw his helmet, bat, glove or any object on or off the field. Disciplinary action can and will be taken for such actions

• Northeast Pride Travel Baseball reserves the right to release any player from the team for poor sportsmanship, lack of cooperation, poor attitude, lack of commitment, effort or attendance by either the player or players family

• Accept the coaches decision on playing time and positions. There are no playing time or position guarantees

• Parents must refrain fro coaching from the stands. Allow the coaches to manage the team and game

• Parents must never enter the dugout during or after a game except when asked by the coaching staff

• Reminder: Children are involved in youth sports for their enjoyment

• Understand and acknowledge that all fees and payments are non-refundable. If a player is dismissed or voluntarily leaves Northeast Pride Travel Baseball there is no entitlement to any refund and all monies are forfeited


Northeast Pride is striving to be one of the most successful travel baseball organizations on the East Coast. We take pride in working hard to creating our own brand of baseball with a loyal base of players and families that are striving for the same goals. Working hard to accomplish goals at a respectable cost so that everyone has the opportunity to participate. Creating our own baseball “family” where all players can have fun, learn from the top instructors in the area, play quality baseball at top venues, achieve educational along with baseball oriented goals, grow life long friendships with teammates from all across the area, and grow as players and as a person.